Darstaed Corridor Coaches

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A4 Pacific



European Vintage Model Trains

Darstaed Locomotives

Designed and built for speed, choose from over nine different A4 Pacific liveries of the all metal constructed LNER Gresley A4 Pacific tinplate locomotives.

Darstaed Bogie Tanker
Darstaed Bogie Tankers

Also known as Tank Wagons, our Darstead Bogie Tankers have sprung buffers and are suitable for both 2 & 3 rail with free running wheels.

Darstaed Advans

Make sure to look through our colorful selection of lithographed and richly detailed Darstaed Advans, designed by Rob Horton.

Darstaed Carmine Cream
Mainline Corridor Coaches

Our corridor coaches are suitable for 2 & 3 rail operations. Choose between our Carmine and Cream or LNER Gresley liveries.

Darstaed Brake Vans

Complete your Darstaed locomotive with an European Vintage Trains brake van, also known as the guard’s van or caboose.

Darstaed Engine Sheds

Our Darstaed engine sheds come in single and double engine sizes that can be extended over 2 feet and feature interior lighting.