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A4 pacific

LNER Gresley A4 Pacific


The Darstaed LNER Gresley A4 Pacific with all metal construction. With a world steam record, the A4 Pacific was built for long-distance speed. The total weight of the A4 Pacific locomotive and tender is 7.5 lbs, with a length over buffers of 20.5 inches. The tractive effort of of the model can support 12-18 mainline corridor coaches. Choose between 9 different styled liveries, with gloss or satin finish. Mabuchi motor 20V DC. Contact us today for more information about our ACE Trains tinplate locomotives, or to purchase a LNER Gresley A4 Pacific!

A4 Pacific Liveries
#2509 – Silver Link (closed Valence) in Silver/Grey
#2512 – Silver Fox (closed Valence) in Silver/Grey
#4498 – Sir Nigel Gresley (closed Valence) in Garter Blue
#4498 – Sir Nigel Gresley (open Valence) in Garter Blue
#4468 – Mallard (closed Valence) in Garter Blue
#4462 – Great Snipe (closed Valence) in Garter Blue
#4464 – Bittern (closed Valence) in Garter Blue
#4489 – Dominion of Canada (closed Valence) in Garter Blue

Mainline Corridor Coaches

$125 · $350 · $375

Choose between our different class sets of Mainline Corridor Coaches or collect them all! The mainline corridor stock represents designs from the 1923 grouping to British Railways, with many types of sets and livery varieties, enabling realistic train formations. Sets include standard 1st and 3rd class to specific-purpose vehicles: Diners, Sleepers and Full Brakes. All of our mainline Corridor coaches include lighting by state of the art SMD (Surface Mount Device) technology, and are suitable for 2 & 3 rail operation.

 Coach Liveries

BR Carmine & Cream (EX LMS I)

BR Gresley

SR Bullied

LNER Thompson

LNER Gresley


LMS I Set B Dining
LNER Gresley Sleeper small

Coach Specifications

1. Sprung bogies
2. Fitted seating and corridors
3. Fitted interior lighting suitable for use with any other make.
4. Lighting by state of the art SMD ( Surface Mount Device ) technology.
5. 6 wheeled bogies for the Diners and Sleepers.
6. Working Table lamps with shades In the Diners.
7. Suitable for 2 and 3 rail operation (2-R pick ups available separately)
8. Free running wheels for optimal smooth running.
9. Suitable for radius down to 2ft ( 0 – 48 )
10. Window ventilators punched out.

United Molasses Bogie Tanker

Darstaed Bogie Tankers


Also known as Tank Wagons or Tanker Wagons, Bogie Tankers are used for transporting gas, tar, oil products, chemicals, and various liquids. All of our Darstaed Bogie Tankers are sprung Diecast bogies with sprung buffers, suitable for both 2 and 3 rail, have free running wheels, and include sole-bar details. The Bogie Tankers are compatible with O Gauge coarse scale locomotives and wagons, offered by Ace trains, ETS and Darstaed. Choose from over 20 authentically designed and lithographed tinplate bogie tankers, or collect them all. Contact European Vintage Model Trains today for more product information and to purchase your bogie tanker!

Bogie Liveries
Pre-War Liveries

Shell Mex
Power Ehtyl
United Molasses

Wartime Liveries

Pool Grey
Pool Black

Post-War Liveries

National Benzole
Esso Grey
ICI Blue
Shell Chemical

Pre-War Liveries

Milk Tanker
Golden Fleece Pre
Golden Fleece Post

Darstaed Advans


Advans have always been popular staple in the model railroad layouts. Advans are known for transporting various goods and are excellent moving billboards for companies to put their advertisements on. At European Vintage Model Trains, we have original varieties of Darstaed Advans, designed for Darstaed by Rob Horton. Each Advan was created with beautiful detail and lithographs, and only 500 of each livery were ever made.

Advan Liveries
Melrose’s Teas
Wright’s Soap
Bass Ale
Rocket Lubricating Oil
Rowntree’s Cocoa
Woodmilne Rubber
Captain Magazine
Spratt’s Dog Foods
Murton LTD Waterproofers
Airman Cigarettes
A4 Pacific Brake Van

Darstaed Brake Vans


Brake Vans, also known as the Guard’s Van, is the British equivalent of the term caboose. Located at the rear of the locomotive, brake vans are a crucial part to slowing and stopping the train. The standard brake van differentiates in appearance from the caboose, and usually has four wheels.  The brake van is also equipped with a hand brake, which can be applied by the guard. The average small load locomotive would sport one of these models, but there could be larger brakes with more wheels.

Darstaed Engine Sheds

$245 – Single

($110 – extension / $325 altogether)

$295 – Double

($145 – extension / $395 altogether)

The Darstaed Engine Sheds are based off of the Horby sheds of the 1920’s and 30’s. The models come in single and double engine varieties. Every shed measures 13.5 inches deep, and can be extended up to 27 inches with the inclusion of an extension kit. All sheds also feature interior lighting. Make sure to save money and buy the initial unit and extension altogether!